My 5 favourite memories from Moscow

I had wanted to visit Russia since studying the history of the Soviet Union in my school history days so this was my dream holiday. Moscow is unlike any European city I have visited before. Our first impressions of the city were quite bleak  – the first thing I noticed on our taxi journey from the airport to the centre was the very aggressive drivers weaving through miles of traffic and the rows of  run down tower blocks lining the motorway – but it all adds up to make it a really unique and interesting place to visit.

Once we arrived in the city we had a detailed itinerary planned out with our tour operator, Go Russia. We would definitely recommend travelling with them as they organised our flights, accommodation, excursions and included a visa processing service. They offer a range of tours to cater for different interests; we chose the ‘Cradles of Russian History’ tour as I had a keen interest in history and this itinerary had a couple of additional guided tours of museums included.

Hotel: we stayed at Hotel Katerina City as organised by Go Russia – a nice 4* hotel, with a lovely view of the river and a short walk to the nearest metro station.

Restaurants: eating out is quite expensive in the city but we treated ourselves to a meal at Bosco Bar on Red Square on our last night.

My 5 favourite memories from Moscow

1. Walking into Red Square for the first time…

…was an amazing moment that I will never forget – St Basil’s is even more stunning in real life than it looks in the pictures – a postcard perfect moment! We also spent a couple of hours in Red Square’s State Historical museum. Unfortunately the Lenin mausoleum was closed for ‘renovation’ while we were there so I was absolutely gutted to miss it – but it gives us a good excuse to visit again one day!


2. Going window shopping in GUM shopping centre in Red Square…

…there are so many fancy shops, with ornate decor, exhibits and quirky places to eat – we spent a couple of hours walking around.


3. Taking a trip round the Moscow metro…

…to see the amazing artwork, sculptures and mosaics, with different themes and styles at each station (and air conditioned trains were much nicer than what we were used to travelling on London’s tube!) My favourites were Komsomolskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Mayakovskaya, and Ploshchad Revolyutsii – but don’t ask me to pronounce them….

4. Visiting the quirky Bunker 42  museum…

… the former secret Cold War bunker which is 65 metres below the ground – definitely a highlight of our holiday! It’s quite easy to miss from the street so we were escorted by our Go Russia guide.

5. Walking around the grounds and cathedrals of the Kremlin…

… yet more unique but stunning architecture! We also had a guided tour  of the Kremlin museum which is home to some really interesting artefacts.






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